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DEVELOPMENT HAMPERED BY VISION-LESS LEADERS: Tshisekedi’s Incompetence Blocking DRC’s Development, Not the Constitution

Opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique President Moïse Katumbi has strongly opposed the scheme by Félix Tshisekedi and his government to amend the constitution in order to allow him to bid for an illegal third term of office in 2028.

Katumbi once again reiterated his promise to lead the fight against the Tshisekedi and his regime’s fraudulent attempt to enforce the amendment of the Congolese constitution for greedy purposes.

The former Katanga Province Governor has since move to form an opposition political alliance, called G7, as he looks to gain majority numbers in Parliament to be able to push back Tshisekedi’s resolve to amend the constitution.

“We do not have the right to change this constitution. In 2015, I had pronounced no third false penalty and we fought for that and we will fight for that, the real change of the constitution is the social of the Congolese population, the infrastructure in the country, the roads, health, schools, people who think of changing the constitution I think you have to be sick, there is nothing that works in the country, the suffering is total it is because we want to stay in power no!” Katumbi writes on his official X account.

“There is a time for everything so we must know that we are all passengers on this earth.”

Katumbi added that Congolese fundamental law does not blocking development in the country rather it was Tshisekedi and his regime’s incompetence that has dragged the DRC many miles backwards.

“Not at all, it is incompetence that blocks development and not the constitution, we have a very good constitution but we have leaders who lack vision, this Congo with the program that we had we were going to transform it with this same constitution and people were going to follow the model of our country” he said.

“For me the constitution is sacred, we must not touch it, I fought in 2015 if I resigned as governor it was so that we would not touch the constitution, in politics you have to know there is the time when you are in power and you also have to know how to pack your bags when the mandate ends.”

Earlier in May, Tshisekedi announced that he was set to establish a multidisciplinary national commission to be tasked with reflecting on how to arrive at the proposal of a new constitution in the DRC.

By Congolese law, Tshisekedi currently serves in final term and will not be eligible to contest the 2028 elections but remains determined to stay in power hence the his urgency to muzzle the law.



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