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CONGO IN A MESS: Opposition Call on Upcoming Dictator Felix Tshisekedi to Dialogue with Political & Social Forces

Opposition leaders Claudel André Lubaya and Seth Kikuni have launched an urgent call for Democratic Republic of Congo president and rising dictator Felix Tshisekedi to create a framework for consultation of political and social forces amidst fears of “disintegration” in the country.

Lubaya, president of the African Democratic Union party, and Kikuni, entrepreneur and independent politician, have suggested this initiative aims to bring together the different living forces of the nation to avoid catastrophe that is ensuing under Tshisekedi’s leadership.

In a joint statement, the two political figures express their deep concern about the current situation in the country.

“Popular exasperation is at its peak. It challenges each of us and urges us to take our responsibilities to counter the disintegration of our Nation,” reads the statement in which the duo also denounced the “bankruptcy of Félix Tshisekedi’s public governance” and called for a national leap forward to put an end to “collective despair”.

They underline the urgency of defending the Republic, the Constitution, the People, the Integrity of the National Territory, National Independence, Democracy, Freedom, the Rule of Law and living together.

“Fate calls us to silence our differences and to come together to defend the Republic,” they insist.

Lubaya and Kikuni have been highly critical of the electoral institutions for their incompetencies that emerged from the 20 December General Elections, describing them as a “masquerade” plagued by corruption.

“Failed state institutions are being hijacked for the purpose of satisfying personal ambitions and the monarchical devolution of power,” they add.

They also regrated the Tshisekedi government’s failure and complicity to its responsibility of taking care of the basic needs of the population, which worsens the economic and social situation of the country.



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