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CONGO 2023 ELECTIONS: Tshisekedi Wants To Delay Polls; Ex-CENI Chief To Unveil Power Sharing Deal Showing Rigged 2018 Election Results

Former CENI president Corneille Nangaa has disclosed that the Democratic Republic of Congo will not hold elections on December 20, 2023 so as to enable President Félix Tshisekedi prolong his stay in power.

Nangaa, now in exile, says the current electoral process is premised on lies and falsehood with a wobbly agenda that is backed by a distorted voter’s roll.

He said on France24 TV that the process is experiencing unparalleled technical incapacity which makes it practically impossible to accommodate a credible election.

Nangaa warned that Tshisekedi has evolved into an arsonist ready to set the Democratic Republic of Congo ablaze while maintaining his stay in office so that he can continue plundering its resources and enriching himself.

He also insisted that Tshisekedi did not win the 2018 presidential election as announced but that he was given power in a power-sharing deal with former president Joseph Kabila.

Nangaa says there was a political agreement between Félix Tshisekedi Tshilombo and Joseph Kabila Kabange in 2018 which was certified by three African Heads of State namely Cryril Ramaphosa (South Africa), El-Sisi (Egypt) and Uhuru Kenyatta (at the time Kenya).

“This agreement is an act of state which must be respected. Failure to comply will result in shocking consequences,” said Nangaa.

The official also said Tshisekedi had shown lack of seriousness in the handling of the security situation in Eastern Congo which speaks to his incompetence as a politician.

Nangaa says national security must remain a priority and Tshisekedi once remarked that, “as long as I have not resolved this security problem, for me I will not have succeeded in my mandate as President of the Republic.”

Inseatd, Nangaa said Tshisekedi had failed and therefore must leave power.

“He has produced nothing but wind, orgies and enjoyment, lies, populism, gangsterism, spectacular embezzlements, budget overruns, violation of human rights and the constitution, broken promises, insecurity, disasters, tribalism, unemployment and deaths,” he added.

Nangaa said Tshisekedi no longer deserves the trust of the Congolese.

He said he was forced into exile for security reasons which includes a resolve to take over his properties.

Nangaa explains that Tshisekedi and his family have since grabbed a mine from him which is a private heritage.

Nangaa says President Tshisekedi has demonstrated high treason against the Congolese people.



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