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COLD MURDERERS IN UNIFORM: Congo Police Gun Down Innocent Mother & Son

A group of officers from the National Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo capital Kinshasa have shot dead a woman identified as, Francine Ntumba Kankonde and her son Sarif Ismaël Mukeba Tshilomba, on during an illegal late night operation carried out on the night of Friday May 4 to Saturday, May 5 in Yolo/Kalamu Commune.

Fresh from graduating from ISTA, Sarif Ismaël Mukeba was also a footballer with local club God’wy de Matete and had just arrived back home from training before was arrested by police officers in front of their house claiming he was part of a group of Kinshasa urban bandits commonly known as the “Kuluna”.

After learning of her son’s unjust arrest, Mama Francine Ntumba went after the police wherever they took her son all along night.

Unfortunately, both mother and son were found dead on Saturday with their bodies riddled with bullets.

Several Congolese citizens have strongly denounced the acts of brutality by the police with others calling on the government to ensure the perpetrators of this barbaric act are brought before justice.



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