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CHOLERA OUTBREAK: At Least 35 Deaths & 155 Suspected Cases Recorded in Kasai

At least 35 people have died from a bout of Cholera in the Democratic of Congo’s Kasai Province that has a total of 155 suspected cases, the government in the province have confirmed.

These deaths and suspected cases have recorded from two health zone of Mushinge and Dekese that has now been declared as an epicentre for the disease.

In response to the outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) provided the health centres of Mushinge and Dekese with medical supplies for the treatment of Cholera as part of the UNCRPF’s central emergency response which aims to defeat the epidemic in a rapid and effective manner.

Kasai Province has been hit with an unprecedented surge in Cholera cases at an estimated rate of 400% during the week of 1st to 7th April compared to other weeks.

The cumulative number of cases in Africa as reported by WHO remains at worrying point with 472,697 cases and 2,349 deaths recorded in 44 countries



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