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CATHOLICS WARN TSHISEKEDI: Anyone Who Tries To Divide This Country Will Be Faced By The People

Lubumbashi Archbishop Fulgence Muteba has sent a veiled warning to President Felix Tshisekedi and his regime against plunging the country into chaos with an autocratic styled leadership.

Muteba said at the weekend during the National Eucharistic Congress organized by the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO) that misery in the eyes of the Congolese population had continued to grow.

He bemoaned the indifference the leadership of the Democratic Republic of Congo was showing to the issues affecting the general public.

Archbishop Muteba urged the people of Congo not to despair as better days lay ahead.

“In these unjust and revolting conditions, the Congolese peopledo not despair. These people firmly believe in a better tomorrow. These people are aware that their destiny is in their hands,” said Archbishop Muteba.

“Whether it’s copper, cobalt here in Katanga, whether it’s diamonds from Kasai or timber from Ecuador and customs revenue from the borders with the nine countries around us, the dividends of these immense riches are monopolized by the rare gluttony of an elite in power and unscrupulous multinationals. During this time, the population of all Congo, which is the official owner, stagnates in misery.”

Archbishop Muteba said the Congolese people had the power to turn their fortunes around.

“Whoever will have fun dividing this country for political purposes will find the people on his way,” warned Archbishop Muteba in what observers say was a message directed at President Felix Tshisekedi and his regime as the country goes to the polls on December 20, 2023.

In front of thousands of Catholic faithfuls who turned up in jubilation at the TP Mazembe Stadium, the church leadership expressed gratitude to one of its members and citizens of the DRC.

“My gratitude goes to Mr. and
Mrs. Katumbi, they graciously offered us this magnificent stadium in the name of their faith, their love for this country
and in the name of their love for this Church of Christ,” he said.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, who represented the Pope as the special envoy, in his homily insisted on the love that should characterize Christians.

Cardinal Tagle said greed, corruption, manipulation are the evils that plague a society making our families sick and poor.



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