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BURIAL POSTPONED: Govt Postpones Burial of Mugunga Bombing Attack Victims

The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo in North Kivu Province has postponed the burial of the 35 victims who lost their lives in last week’s bombing attack on a displaced people’s camp by suspected M23 rebel fighters.

North Kivu military governor General Peter Chirimwami said that the burial of the deceased victims could not take place on Sunday as scheduled due to several challenges and has since been postponed to 16th May.

“We are still building vaults in Kibati, where bodies are displayed. At this stage, we are not ready. With the delegation from Kinshasa, we found that it is impossible, on the basis of the time remaining, to organize the funeral this Sunday,” explains General Cirimwami.

“We have a new date after consultation with the elected officials of Kivu. They have also said that Sunday is not appropriate for the funeral,” he said at first before finally putting forward a date: “Wednesday” May 16, 2024.

This is the second time that the burial of the 35 victims of the M23 mortars fire on the camp for displaced people in Mugunga has been postponed.

In the meantime, a memorial will be built in Kibati to honor these victims. This memorial will, according to the Congolese authorities, be dedicated to all the victims of the M23 war.



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