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BLOODY LIAR: Tshisekedi Fomenting A Lie By Blaming Delays in Government Formation on the Constitution

Democratic Republic of Congo’s imposter President Fèlix Tshisekedi is scheming to amend the country’s constitution in order to extend his stay in power beyond his current and final term.

Five months after being sworn-in for his term, Tshisekedi and his new Prime Minister Judith Suminwa are yet to form government and the crooked DR Congo leader has attributed the hesitations to constraints imposed by the Constitution of February 18, 2006.

For this single reason, Tshisekedi suggests the amendment of the constitution but his ultimate is to twist the law to allow his third term in office.

Professor Emeritus Auguste Mampuya, who contributed to the drafting of the 2006 Constitution, has argued that the current Constitution was neither written by belligerents nor was it dictated from another country, as Tshisekedi wants to claim, as such none of its provisions should hinder the proper functioning of institutions, including the president.

“The current Constitution is not the work of the belligerents, it was not written in Kigali and none of its provisions block the president, let alone the harmonious functioning of the institutions,” replies professor emeritus Auguste Mampuya.

The co-drafter of the Constitution of February 18, 2006, says he is ready to engage in a debate and challenges anyone: “Show me a single constitutional provision that would block the President of the Republic.”

The delays by Tshisekedi to form his new government has raised concern amongst the Congolese population who continue being affected by current restrictions in the functions of key sectors of the country.



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