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BLOOD MINERALS: The US Clarifies Positions & Express Concern Over Illicit Trafficking of Minerals in Eastern DRC

The US government have expressed concern the illicit trafficking of precious minerals which continues to leave a negative impact on the already deteriorated situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s eastern region.

In a statement released from Washington DC on Tuesday, the American government expressed worry about “the role that the illicit trade and exploitation of certain minerals, in particular gold and tantalum extracted artisanally and semi-industrially in the African Great Lakes region, continue to play in financing the conflict.”

The US government notes that the illegal traders transport and export significant quantities of minerals of Congolese origin out of the country with the held of rebels.

The statement was issued in response to requests from the private sector who demanded the U.S. government to clarify on the potential risks associated with the manufacture of products using minerals extracted, transported or exported from eastern DRC, Rwanda and Uganda.



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