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BETRAYED BY THE GOVERNMENT: Displaced Congolese Residents in East Return to their Homes to Join Forces with M23 as Tshisekedi Regime Fail to Address Insecurities

The M23 rebel fighters continue to gaining more power in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo after managing to seize new strategic territories since last week.

A great number of locals in the town of Kanyabayonga, the latest critical territory to be seized by the M23, have opted against fleeing their homes in preference of joining arms and supporting the M23 rebels.

The residents have been let down by the Félix Tshisekedi government who have been complicit to dealing with the issues of insecurities in the region.

Children, women and men, with their household properties on their backs or heads have left displaced people’s camps and decided return to their villages to live under the control of the M23 rebels.

“This is not to say that people like the rebels. This is not to say that the displaced are reassured by the return of security to their villages taken by the rebels. They are rather disappointed by the progress of the rebels and wonder how far their exodus will go” one of the villagers said.

Since March when intense fighting between the M23 and Congo Armed Forces (FARDC) broke out in Kanyabayonga territory, the locals have had to flee their homes to live miserably in schools, churches and after having abandoned everything, including their farmlands.

With chances of the FARDC getting the territories under their control as the M23 continue to advance, the population has decided to return home and join forces with the M23.



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