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ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT: Brutal Police’s Aim Was To Eliminate Us — Matata Ponyo

Democratic Republic of Congo opposition leader Matata Ponyo has told the media that the police had targeted to assassinate him and fellow opposition in Kinshasa during their solidarity march held last Saturday.

There was chaos on the streets of Kinshasa last as fully armed Congolese National Police released tear gas and made a number of arrests during the opposition leader’s solidarity march.

Police in full presence of journalists and in front of cameras, were seen heavily armed with live ammunition during the chaotic scene that halted the planned march.

During the incident, two demonstrators were left hurt and are currently in critical condition.

Ponyo has since denounced the use of live ammunition by the police.

“Look at the live ammunition that they had, their main objective was to eliminate us all physically” Ponyo said.



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