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ARMS DOWN IN THE EAST: US-Proposed Ceasefire Respected by M23 and FARDC as Calm Returns to Eastern DRC

The humanitarian truce or ceasefire proposed by the United States between the M23 rebels and the Congo armed forces (FARDC) has been respected by the two parties.

As of Sunday and Monday, no fighting has been reported between the FARDC and M23 in North Kivu Province while the army and the rebels still maintain their initial positions.

Prior to the US-proposed truce, the M23 rebels had reinforced its troops and equipment leading seizure of several territories occupied by the FARDC.

A number of FARDC soldiers had to retreat and flee their positions for fear of losing their lives at the hands of the rampant M23 fighters.

Tens of thousands of displaced people are returning to their villages and choose to accept to live under the M23 rebels having lost humanitarian assistance that has left due to the insecurities.

This truce aims to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable populations and to create the conditions for a broader de-escalation of tensions in the east of the country.



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