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A KNOWN MAN OF ACTION: Katumbi Swears To Deliver Tshisekedi’s Unfulfilled Promises

Let down by the man they had tasked to alleviate their challenges they face, the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have the chance to end the great betrayal by ushering in a new leader.

Opposition candidate Moïse Katumbi has reassured the people of the Kisangani, Tshopo Province his government will prioritize and address several developmental projects in the city that have been abandoned by the Fèlix Tshisekedi’s regime.

At the launch of his campaign trail this Tuesday afternoon, Katumbi swore before an overwhelming record-crowd at Post Office Square, his government will address the challenges electricity and water supply in the city and above all the advanced deplorable state of the road linking Kisangani and Bunia as well as North Kivu Province.

Katumbi, already known for his vast philanthropic works in different regions in the DRC, said he will launch the construction of this road rapidly and create employment for Congolese engineers and construction workers.

The former Katanga Governor also promised to oversee the construction of a new and first ever ultra-modern hospital in Kisangani.

“We have rehabilitated the operating theater without making noise, you now have the possibility of having intensive care here in Kisangani. But I am going to build a modern hospital, the current one is old, we are going to demolish it,” Katumbi said.

Katumbi bemoaned the number of promises that had not been delivered by Tshisekedi’s government and committed to changing the narrative once voted into office.

Scores of Kisangani residents turned up at Bangboka Airport to welcome the popular Candidate Number 3 who was escorted all they way to the Post Office Square where the campaign meeting was held.




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